Canadian Blueberry Cake

NOTE: Design and icing of cake may vary from the image shown here since each chef has his/her own way of baking and designing a cake.

Canadian Blueberry Cake

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Cake Description

Canadian Blueberry Cake is a delightful dessert that encapsulates the fresh, vibrant flavors of blueberries, a popular berry in Canada, known for its wild and cultivated varieties. This cake is perfect for any season but particularly shines during the summer months when blueberries are at their peak.

The foundation of this cake is a simple, fluffy batter often made from staple ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. The magic happens with the incorporation of fresh or frozen blueberries that burst with flavor during baking, creating pockets of juicy sweetness throughout the cake. Often, lemon zest is added to the batter to complement the berries' tartness, enhancing the overall taste profile of the cake.

Baking a Canadian Blueberry Cake involves mixing the dry ingredients separately from the wet ingredients and then combining them gently to retain as much air as possible. This ensures the cake remains light and airy. Blueberries are folded into the batter last to prevent them from sinking to the bottom. A popular tip is to dust the berries lightly with flour to help them distribute evenly.

Once baked, the cake presents a golden-brown crust with a moist and tender crumb, dotted with blueberries. It's commonly topped with a light dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of vanilla glaze to add an extra layer of sweetness. Some variations of the recipe include adding nuts like walnuts or almonds for a crunchy texture, or incorporating spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg for a warm flavor.

Note the images, shade, size, design of the cake are only indicative in nature.

Care Instructions

  • Store cream cakes in the refrigerator and fondant cakes in an air-conditioned environment.
  • Serve cakes at room temperature. Do not expose it to heat.
  • Figurines in cakes may contain toothpicks or wooden skewers for support.
  • The cake should be consumed within 24 hours.

Delivery Information

  • Our cakes are hand-crafted by the best pastry chefs who design and bake cakes in their own specific ways. Therefore, there could be a slight variation in design and shape.
  • Cakes are perishable; therefore, we attempt delivery faster for your and our convenience.
  • Cakes are hand delivered by our delivery boy, keeping hygiene in mind.
  • Cakes are delivered in a hard cardboard box with candles and a knife as per availability.
  • The cakes are handcrafted by our skilled, world class chefs and since each chef has his/her own way of baking and designing a cake, there might be slight variation in the product in terms of design and shape.
  • The chosen delivery time is an estimate and depends on the availability & requested location for delivery.
  • Since cakes are perishable in nature, we attempt delivery of your order only once
  • The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address. Cakes are perishable products. Recommend to consume it within hours of buying. Storing is not recommended.Upon receiving the cake, immediately refrigerate it.
  • Please allow it to come to room temperature before serving/eating.
  • The cake should be placed back in the fridge and should be consumed within 48 hours.
  • This product is hand delivered and will not be delivered along with courier products.
  • The images are only for representation purposes only. The shade, colour, design may vary.
  • Occasionally, substitutions of flavours/designs is necessary due to temporary and/or regional unavailability issues
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It's yum


Very Good

awesome tasty cake

It was my mom’s 50th birthday party and our family wanted to celebrate it in a simple manner with just the closed ones. We ordered a blueberry gateux cake for her and she loved it. The kids in the family were raving about it and wanting to have more of it. So we ended up ordering one more.

B'Day Sweet


Happy birthday gnana


Birthday cake

I have heard about Just Bake and this is the first time I am ordering

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