Images are indicative in nature. The actual cake may differ in shape, colour and size

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Black Forest 1Kg


Black Forest 1Kg

Black Forest Cake An absolute favourite - Layers of rich chocolate cake with whipped cream and delicious cherries. Note the images, shade, size, design of the cake are only indicative in nature.

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Rs 650 /- per unit

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Egg Less

Note : If you choose Egg less Add Rs 50 /- per kg Extra cost.

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Request you to store the cake in dry cool place between 4-6 degree Celsius when consuming later than 30 minutes from purchase or delivery.


The designs in the catalogue are only examples - are indicative in nature only. The colour and the finish will slightly vary based on the availability of the garnishing ingredients.
Actual product may vary in size or shade.
In general, we donot recommend darker shades of pink, red, green, blue & black.
Garnish on the signature cakes, pastries will vary depending on the availability of fruits & chocolate products.
NOTE : Food Grade colours and special edible gel are used for all the cakes. The cream may taste bitter due to food dye


PLEASE NOTE - CAKES are for CONSUMPTION ONLY. DONOT recommend Smearing/Applying it on anyone. You may have skin allergies!!! We cannot guarantee that our products are free from any ingredient that may cause any food allergies. FOOD DYES can lead to different allergic reactions depending on individual's sensitivity for eg - swelling of the face, itchy skin, increased heart rate, vomiting, etc

General ingredients used in our bakery depending on the product are :

Milk &/or Milk Powder, Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Corn, Wheat, All-Purpose Flour, Food grade colours/dyes, Sugar, etc.
We recognize the seriousness of allergies & recommend that you be cautions in case you are allergic.
If you have a severe allergy, we do not recommend eating. We will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to the food consumed / food items one may come in contact with while eating a product from our Bakery-Confectionery.